Chilli - Experience the Premium Hot Spice of India

Ahirkar International in Nagpur introduces premium quality whole chillies preserved with the richness and essence of the traditional Indian taste. From the age-old royal families to the present-day modern families, chillies have made a mark with their pungency and quality. And the same is retained in the process of cultivation, processing, sterilization, and packaging of our chilli spice while delivering a fulfilling taste sensation.

Benefits of Whole Chilli

• Perfect blend of nutritional components used for various medicinal formulations.
• Helps balance mood swings while relieving stress and anxiety.
• Works to strengthen immune and digestive functions based on the quality of capsaicin.
• Is a natural pain reliever and helps fight infections.
• Holds fat burning qualities to promote weight loss.

Nature & Nutrition

Considering the nutritional value of chillies, it is a wonder spice with a combination of vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene, fibre, protein, carbs, water, and various bioactive compounds like Capsanthin, Lutein, Capsaicin, and Ferulic acid. The shapes vary from elongated and round to pointed and blunt ends, available in different sizes and colours. Just like the diversity we see in India!

Premium Range of Chillies

The same unity in diversity Ahirkar showcases through its range of chillies, including:

· Sanam chilli
· Byadgi chilli
· Kashmiri chilli
· Mundu chilli
· Tomato Chilli
· Wonder hot chilli
· Wrinkle chilli
· Bird Eye Chili
· Ground Chillies
· Red Chilli Powder
· Red Chilli Flakes
· Crushed Chillies

Enjoy the Pungency & Royal Taste!

Physical Test
Characteristic Observation
Appearance Fine Ground Powder
Texture (Raw) Fine Red/ Orange Red Powder
Aroma/Flavour Pungent
Colour Red/Orange Red
Chemical Test
Test Limit
Moisture 9% max
Total Ash < 8 %
Acid insoluable ash value < 1.25 %
Non Volatile Oil 19 % min
Scoville Index 12000 S.U.H. to as 72000 S.H.U.*
Aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1,G2) < 5 ppb
Colour Value 2000 c.u. to 7000 c.u.
Crude Fiber 30 % max
Added Colour Absent
Heavy Metal as lead < 10 ppm max.
Arsenic < 5 ppm max.
Copper < 20 ppm max.
Zinc < 50 ppm max.
Scovile Heat Units = of Capsain x 150000
Nutrition Value Added Test
Test Limit
Carbohydrate 55.0 % min.
Protein 14.0 % min.
Fat 9.0 % min.
Pathogenic Test (Microbiological Test)
Test Limit
Total Viable Count < 1 x 104 / g
E. Coil < 1 x 103 / g
Salmonoila Absent in 25 / g
Yeast & Mould < 1 x 103 / g
Coliforms < 1 x 104 / g
Bacillus Cereus < 1 x 103 / g
Pesticide Test

As per requirement.Organolchlro, Organophosphorous, Synthethicpyrethroids

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