Indonesian Products

Ahirkar International is working as a sister concern with indonesian company is primarily a multi-product trading organisation specialising in local sourcing and export of spices and agricultural products of Indonesia.

We mainly export the following products from indonesia to the world over:

Clove Stem
Long Pepper
Black Pepper
Damar Batu

The majority of clientele is established in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Nepal, Europe etc.

In India, we have our biggest corporate customers due to our consistent efficiency and quality control. We proudly list Patanjali Ayurved, ITC, Rakesh Masala, GT India as few of our biggest customers from India.

With our in-house testing facilties, we pride ourselves in being the suppliers of the choicest, most qualitatively superior products.

We also have collection centres all over Indonesia making it easier for farmers to directly sell their produce to our managers who are skilled at procuring the highest quality products at the lowest of prices due to farm proximity.

We have experienced staff who conduct quality assessments and lab testing and manage farm-to-port logistics for all our products.

The Company’s production House is well equipped with a state of the art plant and machinery, with highly advanced and latest automated machines. We can cater to all kinds of requirements in respect to quality as required by our clients.

Since 80-85% of our processes with regards to all products are mechanized, this helps us to maintain the quality standard and namely the 3 R’s of every business, which is Right Place, Right Time and Right Price.

We look forward to serving your requirements to the best of our ability.

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